I’m Matt Perryman — Writer & Philosopher.

I help busy entrepreneurs, solo operators, and CEOs straighten out stress and elevate energy.

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Nice words from others

“Matt Perryman [makes] Tony Horton look like a freshman.”
– Forbes

“My audience loves your stuff.”
– Alan Aragon, creator of Alan Aragon’s Research Review

“It is my belief that Matt is one of the smartest and most knowledgeable guys in the industry.” 
– Bret Contreras, The Glute Guy

Compliments from the late Charles Poliquin
Praise from author and Olympic coach, the late Charles Poliquin

Who is Matt?

I’ve been lifting weights since 1998, back when I wanted to be a muscled-up brute. Now that I’m a Gen-Xer facing middle age, I’m doing my best to keep myself in prime condition, mind and body, as I get older.

I’d like to help you do the same.

When I wrote my much-praised book Squat Every Day, I opened the door to new ways of thinking about stress, energy, and human potential. I even went and got a PhD in philosophy to help me understand the connection between mind, body, and spirit.

In the mean time I taught myself a little something about copywriting, marketing, and business, which I’ve used to write, run, and grow several email newsletters.

Today I’m using my experience, knowledge, and skills to help others excel.

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Here’s two ways I can help you level up:

1- “Busy CEOs and solo operators elevate their energy and slash their stress with as little as an hour a week”

If you’re busy, tired, stressed-out, overweight, and know you need to change but “never can find the time”, let me help you.

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Squat Every Day by Matt Perryman

The “underground classic” of strength training… and much more. Learn what’s really going on in your body and your mind when you commit to heavy strength workouts.

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What next?

If you don’t know me or my message, I recommend you start with a copy of Squat Every Day. It’s still the best introduction to my way of thinking.

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  • Why working out is both easier and harder than everyone thinks
  • The real reasons why people don’t change even in a life-or-death choice

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