All those Social media funhouse mirrors

Written by
Matt Perryman

Social media business-writing is like walking into one of those infinite funhouse mirrors.

Copywriters write about copywriting to copywriters who want to write about copywriting to other copywriters.

Email marketers write about email marketing to email marketers who want to market by email to customers who want to email market to customers interested in email marketing.

Repeat ad nauseam. Until you become nauseous.

Look to your left, look to the right, it’s all the same image in the reflection.

Some nerd once wrote that the brain responds to novel stimulus with a hit of dopamine and norepinephrine.

For us human beings who aren’t a test-tube of neurochemicals, that translates into attention and interest

Strange surprises sustain interest.

The business world, conservative as it skews, loves familiarity. Surprise a bureaucrat with creativity and your reward is a dressing down from HR.

No wonder everyone plays it safe.

Safe with the empty platitudes. Safe with the copywriting tips that Gary Halbert wrote in 1987.

If it were me, and I wanted to snap my fingers for attention and throw out a dish of dopamine for the plebes, I’d look beyond the intrinsic “give value!” posts.

I might not even write about my topic at all.

I might write a weird post about mirrors.

You know what?

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