how fitness entrepreneurs & influencers can get customers, Get paid, and keep them coming back with my email marketing wisdom

I’m Matt Perryman. I help fitness entrepreneurs & influencers turn followers into customers and build real businesses from online audiences (even if you hate selling and think marketing is boring).

If you’re tired of making less than a minimum wage job while working overtime to make content, I’ll help you earn what you’re worth.

You’ve got the audience. But all those “likes” and “follows” won’t keep the lights on and the rent paid.

You’ve got a lot of followers and a lot of shares.

You’re changing lives for the better with your content.

But nobody’s buying.

If you don’t have sales, you don’t have a business.

You have a hobby.

Maybe you want a hobby. Business isn’t for everyone.

But maybe you do want more.

Do you know how to get from likes to liquid assets?

I’ll help you use email, the right way, to turn your follows into customers

Even if you don’t know an ESP from an autoresponder.

Why email?

Because it works.

And because very few fitness influencers even take the small effort to put up a form collecting email addresses from their fans.

You’re leaving so much money on the table that it almost hurts to think about it.

If you want to change that, tap the red button.

Who is Matt Perryman?

A reclusive introvert, one-time strength coach, highly respected thought-leader in the fitness space.

Quoted over and over again in publications such as T-Nation,, and Alan Aragon’s Research Review (AARR)

Praised by recognized authorities like the late & great Olympic coach Charles Poliquin

Wrote the book Squat Every Day, widely recognized as an underground classic in strength training, with over 150 5-star reviews on Amazon.

From a secret bunker hidden in New Zealand, Matt’s using his wisdom and know-how to help fitness entrepreneurs and influencers turn their audiences into real, lasting, profitable businesses.

Get off the content treadmill, turn your audience into paying customers, and build a business worthy of your skills.

If you’d like Matt’s help to grow your own fitness business, use the red button: