Why hiring this over-qualified & extremely expensive “Alabama redneck” Could be the best thing you ever do for your business

Read on to discover why you’ll be over the moon for this rare opportunity to pay my exorbitant fees

Let’s talk about why your emails aren’t earning you any money.


It’s not the medium.

If you want to hire me, it’s not going to be (a) cheap or (b) easy.

I value my time more than anything else in this world. If you want me to carve off a slice of that rarest of beast to serve you, it’s going to come at a price.

See, the only thing I value as much as my time is peace of mind. I don’t work with “problem clients”.

You might know the type. They believe that, as a freelancer, I am their employee, who they can boss around.

They believe I am a pair of hands here as mere cognitive labor to do their bidding.

They believe that they as client are thereby competent to tell me how to do the work they hired me to do… and insist on butting in to every piece of the work.

Did I describe you in any or — Lord help you — all of those sentences? If so, you should click away now, ’cause we’re not working together. I’ve saved us both the headaches of finding this out later.

Hey, I’m Matt. Here’s how I can help.

You might want to know where that arrogance comes from.

I don’t see it as arrogant, by the way, although many do.

It’s prudence on my part.

I am a big believer in working to your strengths while ruthlessly and continuously eliminating your liabilities.

Clients who do not fit my temperament, expectations, or working style fall into the liability column. The best way to minimize liabilities is not to pick them up.

If I can disqualify a bad fit before we even get started, we both win.

And with that little gem, friend, you are discovering one of the powerful techniques that I use to make your own emails more effective.

It’s called…

The disqualification

How I can turn your emails into $$$


That means I do three things for you:

1. Do you find customers and sell to them online?

Fix your website so that it actually sells your products & services

2. Do you want your customers coming back to buy more from you?

Write emails that your best customers can’t wait to open (and purchase from you)

3. Do you want to stand out from your competitors and get your customer’s attention?

Make your brand stand out from the herd with irresistible offers and unforgettable copy

If you’re still interested after all that, here’s how to get started.