Joint Ventures

My door is always open for new opportunities and partnerships. Touch the button to flick me an email with your idea.

Who’s ideal for a JV partnership?

I’m an INTJ. High on thinking, imagining, and introversion.

Which means I’m really good at ideas, imagining long-term goals, and creating vision. Not so great on the execution and finishing parts.

A good complement would balance those lopsided traits. Someone good at literal thinking, pragmatism, numbers, and execution. If you’re an accountant, engineer, or software developer, we’re cooking.

Ditto if you’re really good at sales. While I can sell fine, I don’t like talking to people and duck out on it. If you’re good at networking and love face to face selling, I’m interested in talking to you.

What I’d be good for:

  • Copywriting — landing pages, opt-in forms, and email autoresponders
  • Article writing — 300-3000 words that hyper-target a specific problem for a specific person
  • Email marketing — from choosing & setting up a service provider, to handling deliverability and writing the copy
  • Online marketing & digital marketing — how to get customers in the door with online sales and marketing
  • High-level product creation strategy — market research, outlining, and putting the words to paper
  • Accountability — make sure you get up off your bee-hind and do what you said you’d do.