“Why Matt Perryman doesn’t use any social media… except for one platform… and why he recommends you don’t either.”

“Social media was designed by brain scientists and behavioral experts to be as addictive as many illegal drugs,” says this reclusive author and publisher.

But you can have access to Matt and his value-packed articles & podcasts inside his own semi-private social media group… no ads, trackers, or spyware… and no “woke bullies” out to make your life miserable.

No low-IQ yelling
Esoteric secrets of the occult are a real possibility
Elevate your thinking and your life to a higher standard

Touch the red button for your invitation:

Social media is cancer.

Harsh words, you think?

Don’t be so sure.

It was designed from the ground up to hijack your emotions and draw you into an Infinite Scroll ruled and regulated by robots.

Right now, millions of people are stuck in “the feed”… spending valuable time on pointless arguments and artificially manufactured negative emotions…

Deliberately designed to keep your attention laser-focused on that one platform…

For the purpose of selling your attention to the highest bidder.

We all want that social connection with other humans beings.

The phone and the feed make that instant and easy…

Which makes it cheap.

I can tell you from experience that I get more out of 10 minutes with a good book than I do with 10 hours of social media.

It’s an illusion. There’s no “there” there. Scrolling F*cebook or Twitter or Instagram is like mainlining sugar. It might taste good and feel right in the moment…

But an hour later, you’re wishing you’d never done it… wondering what ever made you do it in the first place.

Enter the City of Night’s Gate

I want that “social media” fix too.

But I’m not going to sell off my attention, my intelligence, and my peace of mind to Big Tech platforms.

I won’t contribute to their success. I won’t validate their ruthless and inhuman agendas by playing their game.

What to do?

Come hang with me in my own social media platform.

I call it the City of Night’s Gate.

It’s where I post all my articles now.

There’s even a podcast if you want to hear me talk to you for 20 minutes or less.

This isn’t an idle chit-chat group. I’m posting real wisdom in there. For members only.

If you want inside — before I wise up and start charging for this valuable content — click the red button and follow the rabbit hole:

Are you sure about this? You just told me social media was awful…

I did, and it is.

The City isn’t quite like the social media you might be used to.

Where every low-IQ fool and troll can hassle you.

Where insane algorithms and minimum-wage interns decide what you’re allowed to say.

We’re not doing any of that in here.

What’s this about a City?

It’s just a name.

I could tell you about the dream I had once.

It was like a cross between a Bogart noir film from the 1940s, the Los Angeles skyline from Blade Runner, and one of H.P. Lovecraft’s fever dreams.

Look, I’m an amateur sci-fi and weird fiction author. These are the types of thoughts we think.

If you think that’s stupid nerd-crap or too weird for your tastes, that’s great. It means I don’t have to deal with your bad attitude.

You’ve saved us both a lot of time and headaches.

If you’re not the kind of petty middling brainlet that I’m actively trying to repel, you’re welcome to come on in to Matt’s World.

You can click the red button and come on in:

Or you can click the blue button, and wake up in your own bed with no memory that this ever happened: