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You probably don’t think of philosophy as a practical skill, but it taught me a lot about life and business

You could say I’ve had my head in the clouds since the beginning. I wouldn’t argue with you.

It’s pretty weird that an unathletic guy into nerd hobbies and science fiction books turned into a modestly well-regarded strength & fitness expert.

Over 10 years after I got out of the strength coaching game people still read and recommend my book Squat Every Day as a game-changer.

I’m a hands-on practical person. Unlike most people with a bias toward action, I don’t get impatient with ideas.

I want to know what I’m dealing with… figure out the action steps… and ask “what if we did this?”

That is what energizes me:

Ideas that get results, words that motivate and inspire action.

Ideas are the most powerful tools we have as human beings.

It’s also what attracted me to copywriting and the dark arts of persuasion. Using words to create visions in the mind of your reader, visions so powerful that they can change the direction of a life… that’s unbeatable.

It’s also dangerous.

Thinking is our “secret sauce” as a species, our unique advantage as individuals.

I love helping others discover & use this power to succeed in business and live a happy, thriving life.

I was always an outsider growing up

It didn’t get any better when I got there.

I’m what you call an introvert.

It’s not that I’m shy. I get my energy from solitude and quiet. Stepping into a high-energy environment with lots of people drains my batteries. It’s not my genius zone.

Life in academia should have been perfect for me. Instead, it taught me a far more valuable lesson:

Don’t hitch your livelihood to a shrinking market.

The good news is that my time earning a PhD in philosophy taught me a whole lot of skills which are useful outside of the university.

Maybe even useful to you.

If you’re a entrepreneur in the fitness/strength training field and you need help with your email marketing game we should talk.

A beach in New Zealand.
New Zealand, when it’s cooperating.

Assorted facts about me

  • I used to write about bodybuilding, powerlifting, and strength training. Today I use my know-how to help fitness influencers & professionals build businesses out of their audiences.
  • In my regular life, I’m a husband and father of twin girls. I’m quiet about this, out of entirely rational paranoia about being too public.
  • We live in Auckland, New Zealand, about 30 minutes from some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world. Since I practically grew up on the gulf coast of Florida, I don’t say that lightly.
  • Even after living in the southern hemisphere for close to 15 years, people still think I’m a tourist thanks to my Southern (capital S) accent.
  • In my spare time I write about weird fiction, cyberpunk, and 80s action movies.
  • When I work, flow state happens best when I trance out on deep ambient music. I spend far too much time scanning Bandcamp for these albums.

Be good & take it easy.

Matt Perryman

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