Matt Perryman

Dullards confusing emotional ego with effectiveness

By Matt Perryman

Time to time I stray out into the wilds of unmoderated social media and Substack comments. Here in my iron fortress, I often forget about the messy realities of people. The comments are how I remind myself what a species of dull, emotional, appetite-driven slobs we really are underneath all the hubris and status-signaling.

This is important to stay grounded. While I’m often accused of cynicism and pessimism, that accusation comes from the dullards incapable of processing more than a simple declarative sentence, so who cares.

The real intention is to better appreciate the contrast between the worst we have to offer, and the highest, greatest, most noble achievements we’re capable of.

There’s no better way to understand what and who you value most than to know who you don’t want to be, or be around.

Plus, exposure to the rough bits builds indifference. It’s no different from the calluses on your hands after working with your hands.

I don’t think this fact gets enough air-time.

After lifting weights for some 25 years now, that know-how wormed its way into my unconsciousness. Of course you have to challenge yourself in order to become what you need to be. That’s the whole basis of resistance training. Attack a challenge and respond with positive growth.

Today? Online? Insert hysterical laughing meme.

The bottom 80% of people on the internet can’t manage their emotions long enough to write a three-sentence paragraph.

It’s wonder all our institutions are failing and it’s impossible to get anything done.

In the majority, ego and emotion rule over effectiveness.

They’d rather be right and get that hit of smug self-righteousness than move with efficiency and purpose towards their own goals.

I’m almost tempted to create a curriculum to train people how to get on top of their emotions and stop acting like blubbering toddlers at age 35.

But then I’d have to deal with those people, and that’s a “no thanks” from me.

Anyway that’s my rant for today. If you’re able to compose yourself long enough to have a basic conversation without flying into a blind rage, you’re doing better than most people alive.

Matt Perryman 

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