Matt Perryman

Elon’s bent on putting a brain chip in your head

By Matt Perryman

Elon Musk’s in the news this week for another “successful” trial of his brain chip.

If you aren’t aware, Musk is obsessed with three things. He’s going to put an electric car on Mars. He’s going to build rockets. And he’s going to put computer chips your brain.

He believes that these implants will eventually be able to read your thoughts and, heck, even add new ones.

I watch this unfold with shock and dismay. I don’t even tolerate ads on my phone and computer, much less in my innermost thoughts.

Plus, I watched enough Star Trek episodes to know where this is going.

These transhumanist types are playing with fire, and I mean the way Prometheus played with fire. (Look it up.)

People that get excited about this kind of thing operate under a total misunderstanding of life and realty.

“Oh wow neat I can binge the latest Netflix crapshow without even moving my hands!”

That’s what this technology comes down to. Pure laziness and sloth. The masses will sell their souls if it means one less button to push.

I’ve followed this transhumanist cult since the 1990s. In my younger and gullible days, I bought into it.

What they’re offering us is akin to handing nuclear launch codes and a big red button to a tribe of chimpanzees.

They might not push the button. But they’re going to push the button.

Let’s step back to appreciate the wider point.

Technology allows us to extend present capabilities without elevating the innermost self.

Plugging brain chips into your skull might allow you to become the most efficient redditor.

It won’t help you discover what is worth wanting. It won’t make you wise. It won’t give you insight into the deeper depths of your own hopes, dreams, desires, wishes, motivations, and intentions.

Without that to anchor you and guide you, you’re just one more consumer consuming away.

It’s better for everyone if the chimps develop at least some rudimentary intelligence and, even more important, ethical guidance before we give them the big red button.

Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to the headlines from 2035 when rebel military forces successfully engage the first Borg hive.

Matt Perryman

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