Matt Perryman

Powerful “Green Frog” wisdom for staying calm in the stormiest waters

By Matt Perryman

There’s a recent meme of 4chan vintage starring the infamous green frog “Pepe”. The text reads:

Stop caring. That’s literally all you have to do. 

Just imagine this pepe everytime you get mad, sad, anxious, jealous, etc. 

I like this.

It’s the heart of Stoic and Existentialist wisdom, wrapped up in an easily digested and shared symbolic form, tagged with a cue for an action step.

The concept is dead simple, yet easily forgotten in the heat of a moment.

If you encounter a negative emotion disturbing your tranquil state of mind, call back to the meme.

Remember the wisdom.

Stop caring. Let it go.

Should you have no goals or direction? Of course not.

The moral of this visual tale is to let go of the low-level low-quality feelings based in scarcity, need, and fear of loss.

Those feelings, and the attachments that cause them, are the true origin of sadness, fear, and anger.

When you stop caring, you free yourself from these limiting and most unproductive responses.

Hey, what can I say? Sometimes 4chan hits it on the nose.

Just stop caring.

Matt Perryman 

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