Matt Perryman

The coffee from the future

By Matt Perryman

Last week, I ordered two bags of fresh-roasted coffee beans from a roastery here in town and this made me nervous.

I ordered from a different outfit than my usual, who reliably get fresh beans from Christchurch to my front door within 24 hours.

Why do I order from Christchurch? In 7 coin flips out of 8, they get the package to me faster than the operations across town from me here in Auckland and without oppressive shipping charges.

Americans don’t know how spoiled you are with Amazon same-day and overnight service. Down here, getting a package shipped across the largest, most populated and best connected city in less than two days is considered a win. And that’s after you add upwards of $10 for delivery.

Beating all my very low expectations, the new roaster had it at my front door at lightning speed on the following day.

They went the extra mile with these beans, though. When I checked the Roasted On date, I found one bag stamped “August 01 2023”, which was the day I ordered. Not bad, not at all.

The second bag, though, they went above and beyond any possible expectations. As I read the date on the bag, I realized what they’d done. It was stamped “August 31 2023”.

I nearly spit out the coffee that I hadn’t made yet.

These beans I held in my hand had been — would be, I corrected myself — roasted almost a full month in the future.

That is what true commitment to speedy delivery looks like. They were not willing to settle for beans roasted yesterday, no no.

This coffee I’m sipping on while I write this hasn’t even been roasted yet. Tell me the last time a business took care of you like that.

Did the coffee really come from the future?

As I say to my daughter when she asks her daily quota of 3,000 “why?” questions:

What do you think?

If you think I’ve simply written a sarcastic half-fictional piece of satire, you could be right.

Then again… what if?

I’m not saying to believe.

But there’s an under-rated advantage from allowing your mind to shift out of gear and wonder. There’s magic all around you, should you slip out of the hypnotic dream of waking consciousness and allow it to show up.

If you have hard time using your mind that way, that might be something to work on — all the more if you’re stressed out, over-worked, burned out, and tired all the time.

How it goes in here 👉🧠 shapes how it goes out there 🌎

Matt Perryman

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