Thanks for doing whatever it was I asked you to do

If you’re here it’s likely because I asked you to click a link in an email.

That means you did it.

What now?

If you’re expecting an email, it should arrive in the next minute or two. It might be there already.

Don’t see the email?

If you’re using Gmail, you might not see it. There’s a good chance Gmail sorted it into your Promotions tab, or maybe the Spam folder.

Check both places. If you find the email in your Promotions or Spam folders, click and drag it to your Inbox.

That lets Google know that you want to read what I’m sending you, instead of them stealing your email life-force.

Still no email?

In that case, email me right away: [email protected]

I don’t use social media enough to rely on it. If you need help, use that email address.

What now?

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Matt Perryman - Writer

Matt Perryman