Matt Perryman

A sequel to Squat Every Day?

By Matt Perryman

I’ve been looking back through my book Squat Every Day. It hit me the other day that I published that book 10 years ago in April.

Ten years. Dang. I hadn’t looked at the book itself in almost that long.

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Imagine my surprise to find that most of it still stands up. I’d write it differently today, having an extra decade of practice and experience wrangling words, but the main ideas in the book are rock solid.

Anyway, I got it in my head to do an update for the 10th anniversary.

There won’t be a new book or second edition. I like books, but I think there’s a quicker and more digestible way to get this out there.

Instead, I want to make a short webinar, no more 30-45 minutes of me talking about the major ideas + what you can do with them, then opening up for Q&A.

Short, sweet, and useful to you.

If it goes well, I’m doodling on a plan to create a series, with each part going deeper into a small piece of the process.

There’s nothing to click or do just yet. I’ll let you know more in the near future.

Even if you’re not here specifically for my health & physical development stuff, you might want to pay attention. It all connects to the mental and spiritual aspects of creating, doing business, and living that good happy life.

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