Matt Perryman

There’s zero workout advice in here.

By Matt Perryman

I’ve been accused lately of not talking enough about the weight-lifting, fat-stripping, workout-strategizing, barbell-bending philosophies, methods, techniques, tactics and points of view that my readers want to know about.

To that I say: Preposterous.

You’re getting the finest workout advice on the internet and I’m not even charging for most of it (yet).

I’m always talking about working out even when I’m not talking about working out.

If you’re reading me for cutting edge insights like “drink more water” and “get eight hours of sleep”, I wonder why. I’ve never catered to the least-common-denominator.

If you want simple, tactical advice “for everyone”, the whole rest of the fitness world is that way 👉👉👉

That world is not known for originality. Fitness gurus were already copying other gurus, who were already three generations removed from copying from the first guru long before AI came along and made plagiarism easier than ever.

They say “gIvE vAlUe BrO” and then go on to repeat the most obvious facts. “Humans have two arms. Use them.” That kind of trash gets 10,000 likes.

With bots out there churning “content” at neck-breaking speeds, it’s going to get a lot more crowded, boring, and unoriginal.

AI works by jumbling up ideas that already exist. It can’t add anything new, or give you a unique, fresh way of looking at old problems and thoughts. It’s the ultimate guru copycat.

I freely admit that I “stole” from Bob Peoples, Ivan Abadjiev, John Broz, and many others in coming up with my ideas. Stress on those mock-quotes. I never hid my influences and went out of the way to give them full credit. I did even more than give credit. I added a unique “stamp of Matt” and sent the ideas back out there for everyone else to use.

You’re going to see much less of that in the future. It’s easier and more convenient to let the machine spit out articles and social media posts.

Yes, I talk about banal, boring, mundane things. That’s the point. There’s powerful lessons in the ordinary flow of experience, if you’re willing to slow down and pay attention.

If you’re not, you might be in the wrong place.

Sometimes the repetition of a fundamental truth is the lesson.

Get more insanely valuable repetition here.

Matt Perryman

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