Why I gave my book such a stupid title

By Matt Perryman

Most people, including me, thought that Squat Every Day was a book about working out.

It was and is, and I still get emails to this day from people who found the book and set new personal bests in short order. All by defying the nay-sayers and training hard every day.

But I’m sorta slow on the uptake sometimes.

On the call the other day to update the book’s ideas, it was pointed out to me that I’ve misrepresented the whole thing. Sure, I talk about lifting weights because that’s what I know and what I do. But the ideas in the book go way past that.

They’re applicable to anybody that is after any sort of personal transformation or learning process.

What I’ve got on my hands in this 10 year old book is nothing less than a system and process for diving into any hard subject and moving from “bad” to “pretty decent” in short order.

Without even realizing it, I used the “Squat Every Day” methods to go from uneducated redneck heathen to having a PhD in philosophy, quite possibly the most intellectually demanding of the non-STEM subjects.

Move your body, control your stress and energy, and develop your skills. Three key pillars to success in most anything you do.

Easy to say, harder to do.

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Matt Perryman

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