Matt Perryman

Earn the power to focus

By Matt Perryman

It’s sort of common knowledge that you must train hard to earn your gains.

Only “sort of” because there remain a lot of flim-flam artists in the fitness and health world, selling all manner of goofy solutions to goobers who can’t wait to buy them.

Ask anybody who ever got anywhere with their appearance and athletic achievements, though, and they’ll tell you it came down to the time and effort put in.

There’s no avoiding the hard work and the time to cook.

Better than avoiding it is being the kind of person who tolerates, or even thrives, under the pressure.

Which raises the question. Your body responds to stress with adaptation.

Why treat your mind and its skills any different?

Mental skills and inner game are where real change happens, and what makes changes stick.

Anybody can pick up a program for exercise and a diet and see changes over 6 weeks or 3 months.

Unless that outer change brings along a change in the inner person, it won’t last. This is why many normies genuinely believe “diets don’t work”.

Focus and concentration obey the same laws.

And that gets tricky. You need to focus in order to do the work that builds focus.

It’s not so awful as that. Truth is, you can use almost any activity to practice concentrating.

I do it all the time when lifting or out on a long walk, even washing the dishes.

The rule is this:

If you want to get good at it, do it at a high quality, as often as that is possible.

You can earn focus just like you earn your muscle mass and low body fat.

Since focus is the “master key” skill that gets you those things, and most everything else in life, it probably ought to be a priority.

Matt Perryman 

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