Matt Perryman

Minimum Viable Cardio

By Matt Perryman

It shocks me more than it should how little new or fresh insights come out of the science of exercise.

Which isn’t surprising, since exercise and physical conditioning are mostly solved problems. Within a handful of constraints, lift weights, go on walks, and sprint. Don’t stuff your fat face with garbage food. Done.

I don’t expect new or care about new. But we live in a culture that truly deep down believes that The Science will make everything better, always and forever.

In many people this turns into a deep psychological disorder. Academics and the IF❤ SCIENCE! cultists never found a simple problem that they couldn’t over-complicate to no good purpose.

These hyper left-brain personalities need to transform health and performance into a D&D game with stat sheets and dice to plan out the perfect program… and they create no better results than any system I’d give you which could fit on a 3×5 index card.

From time to time though they’ll come up with an interesting flash of insight.

Last year I ran into such an idea on Twitter.

It wasn’t new to me, since I’d discovered it on my own some 10 years ago when I had a bunch of sloppy flab to strip off my bee-hind. It helped me drop from a porky 97 kilos (that’s over 210 pounds for the Americans) to my svelte 180-something fighting weight these days.

I still do this now when I’m out of cardio shape or need to maintain while I’m not doing as much cardio as I should. (Which is often.)

If you want to know what I found, and how I use it, well, that’s reserved for the good people on my email list.

Matt Perryman

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