Matt Perryman

What I think about AI

By Matt Perryman

Since the beginning of the year I’ve been writing a low-key Substack newsletter where I answer that very question in tooth-pulling detail.

I haven’t promoted it much because I don’t like promoting my work. The articles there get off into some high-concept weeds that I take from my advanced philosophy background, so I don’t figure it’s of interest to most people. Reading is slow and time-intensive and it requires concentration. Why bother with all that when there’s a whole feed of 10 second Tick Tock videos that don’t even take thinking?

I’m not here to talk about that. Interested souls will find it easy enough.

The long and short is that I think that AI is here to stay, unless there’s some kind of total economic implosion or global disaster. I’m fifty-fifty on the first thing and the second one is always a question mark.

It will steal jobs, it will create new jobs, and for the most part I think the human beings that bring human insight, talent, and creativity to the table are in little danger.

But there’s a possibility for unrivaled chaos, too, which I think few of the pundits and thought-leaders have appreciated.

I don’t want any part of this future, understand. I’m the Last Gen-Xer and I remember life before there was an internet. I’d be happy if life rewound to 1986 and stayed there. But it’s coming, so you may as well adapt.

You know what drives most of this?


Why do things this way if this other way is slightly more efficient?

That question is the reason that most of the people in Western nations are sick, overweight, diabetic, and mentally unwell.

The path of least resistance feels good. You can argue that we’re “wired” for that.

If you’re reading this, some part of you says “no”. You’re one of the minority that moves your body not just for the results, but because you find it rewarding in itself. You’ve learned that sometimes you have to push the boulder up the hill.

That’s the only way through this. Get happy with hard things.

The principles in Squat Every Day had a lot more to do with this than with squatting. Believe me or no, that’s one of the ideas I’ll talk about next week in the 10th anniversary webinar for Squat Every Day.

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p.s. Enjoy your Independence Day this weekend if you’re in the US (and do it anyway if you aren’t).

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